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Employer Brand As A Communications Solution To An Organizational Problem

Employer Brand As A Communications Solution To An Organizational Problem

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At first, building and managing an employer brand is more of an ongoing process, taking into consideration the evolving needs of an organization. It is more than just a brand tagline. It is more than just a one-time project. The employer brand is like a force that moves the organization forward, attracting the right candidates and inspiring employees. A strong employer brand reduces the costs of recruiting while improving workforce strength.

There are five useful steps in order to help build an employer brand at companies:

1.  Conduct a thorough analysis. First of all, you should find out what top talent is seeking in terms of an employment experience. Second, identify gaps between job candidates and what company is offering as an employer.

2. Create talent profiles. Take the company’s strategic objectives and create profiles of the types of talent that a company needs to achieve these strategic objectives — and be sure that senior leadership is in agreement and in support of where you land.

3. Create an employer value proposition. The EVP can become a guide for corporate storytelling in support of HR objectives. As well as, it is usually built on one major thing about a company that summarizes why the company is a great place to work. You can then develop supporting points under the EVP.

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